Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby of Mine...

I am pleased to annouce our baby to be is a precious boy. Conor and I are so happy, excited, thrilled and filled with so much love for the little one we have yet to meet. I talk to him all of the time and giggle when I feel each little kick. It is an amazing feeling...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are having a baby!

Yes, it is true as most of you know already...we are expecting a little baby in December. Our projected due date is the 23rd! Conor and I are both so excited and as you can imagine so is the rest of our family. This will be the first grandchild for my parents and the second for Conor's.
I will be 18 weeks along on Monday and I have an appointment on Monday 7/21 to hopefully find out what we are having. (Elizabeth has already called girl!)
I had a pretty good 1st trimester with one round of the stomach flu (at 8 weeks). That was not fun. Thankfully, Amber called me that very day with the annoucement of the arrival of her sweet baby, Nolan.
I had a hard time eating eggs, chicken or really anything at dinner time. Poor Conor would make a wonderful dinner and all I wanted was an eggo waffle with butter. Nothing was appealing to me at all!
Now I am experiencing the feeling of being off balance which Conor finds absolutely hilarious. Real funny I tell you! I just have to get up a little slower and then I am fine-I just need to find my center again.
Conor talks to the baby all of the time. He puts his face right up to my tummy and says, "Hi baby, it is daddy..." He is so ready to be a dad and he will certainly be one of the best. I sing to the baby no matter where I commute is a minimum of an hour each way so I have lots of singing time in the car. The people around me must think I am a little off!
I do have some ultrasound pictures which I will post but I need Conor to show me how to hook up the darn camera to the computer. I promise to post pictures of myself, too as I there is no mistaking my growing tummy.
Love to you all!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Storm Pass

So, the third and final day of hiking I decided to pick the trail we would take...Storm Pass. It is a moderate trail 3.7 miles one way with an elevation change of 840 feet. Hey, it does not sound so bad! Little did I know it was an unforgiving , steep 3.7 miles. Of course, we got the giggles about half way up because we could not believe how hard it was! We were anxiously awaiting the beautiful scenery we were going to view upon the arrival at the top.
And this is the scenery we had...

Granted, we could have kept going to Estes Cone but that would have been much more painful.
So, we took the rock pile as a sign and headed back down to Lily Lake.

Mills Lake

The second day we took a much easier 2 mile hike to Mills Lake.
...and I named this little guy Rosco.

The Rockies

Last summer Conor and I took a trip with my parents to Estes Park and Aspen, Colorado. While in Estes Park we hiked over 26 miles and saw some of the most beautiful scenery and thankfully no bears! Yes, that was my biggest fear...silly me!
The first hike we took was to the top of Twin Sisters Mountain which took us to over 11,000 feet-granted we started at 9,000 but when you are going up hill it feels like 26,000 feet. We did the hike in about 5 hours which was pretty darn good. My dad stopped frequently to check his heart rate to make sure he was not over doing it but we still made it in really good time. It amazes me to think he had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery 2 years prior to last summer. He was truckin' up that mountian. He is a trooper that is for sure!
This is a view from the top of Twin Sisters Mountain. It was absolutely amazing!

To give you some perspective as to where we were on the top...see the two peaks at the center of the moutain??...that is where the last photo was taken.

I survived hike #1.